2015-2016 Meeting Minutes

Shadow Mountain Band Booster Meeting Minutes



8/29/16 Booster Meeting Notes   7:30 PM

Shellie Cooper opens

Thank you to all who helped Friday night, whatever anyone was able to do is a lot and means so much. Popcorn/snow cones are a massive part of fundraising efforts.  It was a good night and all went well. It takes a village, come have fun while helping our students.

Introductions of everyone who attended meeting, we have lots of new faces!

Marching season is crazy but, it’s not this crazy all the time, this Pearl Harbor opportunity is amazing and a lot more fundraising had to be done to make it happen.

Lunch proposal  to have the culinary department make healthier food for competitions. Tim Abbott was not able to make the meeting but he is working on details and we will find out more information soon.

We will communicate call times, changes will happen and will be communicated ASAP. Students should always know times as Simon communicates to them and sometimes they know of changes before the Boosters do.

Aquarium performance cancelled because there were not enough kids to participate due to Labor Day weekend, Simon communicated cancellation to everyone.

Games/competitions – there will be late nights and can be very tiring.  The kids are very resilient and will be OK with the schedules.

Boosters take care of many needs for the kids, we call for help in areas we are asked for but, sometimes due to schedule changes, we don’t need everyone, please be patient. If it comes that we don’t end up needing you, enjoy watching the kids, we appreciate everyone’s patience.

Monday and Thursday practices Props are put out during practices so we get our time down.  We only get so much time during competitions to get on and off the field so we ask prop parents to practice with us beforehand.

Shellie says it will be superior season. We need an excellent or better score to qualify for state and she is confident it will happen.

Props are coming along building table and sewing material for rolling props

Vicki/Jennie uniforms update- We will transition uniforms over to Angela and Lorana to take over.  We need help pluming at games and competitions

During Thursday practice will be sizing helmets and we need help if anyone is available.

Question:  Lorana Christiansen :  Wanted to know why no sign up for uniform help at games so far.  It was explained there was not a need yet since we are still in summer uniforms due to the heat.  Uniform help will be added to the sign ups when the band starts wearing them.

Freshmen parents should know that summer uniforms are always worn with long black socks and marching shoes

Suggestion for parents please have students use deodorant prior to putting the uniforms on,  please remind them as they sweat a lot & the uniforms will get stinky over time.

Sept. 9th is Military night…need contact for giant flag lost contact from last year. Football wants to use it during half – time to honor the military.

Future Matador night and Senior night is Sept 23rd. need help at popcorn table.  Need to decorate stands, posters and balloons need 2 people

Also need people to hand out pizza for 7-8 graders and band and t-shirt sat lease 4 volunteers for this.  It is a fun night for all.

2nd parent night moved until after championships

Fundraising:  ACU games not every parent goes to competition great opportunity to volunteer at these games to sell popcorn.  Past Senior Gabby Dennis will set up table and over see. Contact Vicki Shupe to volunteer with out volunteers we will loose a lot of money Oct 15th, 19th, 29th, Nov 5th, 12th

Bev Abbott update dine outs and butter braids

Oct 4th 7 PM is the next meeting and there will be samples.  We will sell until the 18th of October Deliver on Nov 14th 2nd parent night.

We will need a parent to take over the Butter Braid fundraiser for next year. Traditionally it is a very good fundraiser.

Melissa Linke will partner for butter braids this year.

Planning dine outs at several locations:

7th St and Thunderbird – 3 restaurants char hellos etc there is outdoor seating and the band can play. We will also do chick fil a again.

32nd shea wants to do dine out jazz band play will do 20% of sales.

We earned $600 at 2nd My pie they want to do future dine outs with us.

Oct 15th Aioli burger opens they would like to do dine out for the band.

Chipotle will do dine out and give 50%

California Pizza Kitchen will do 20%

Any additional ideas for dine outs or other fund raisers, see Bev Abbott.

We are looking to form Committees and chair people to handle the various areas we run. They will report at all meetings to the board and parents.

We encourage all to come up with additional fund raising ideas but,  be prepared to head and run with it, you will have support from the board to communicate.

Ongoing fundraisers:  letter writing, pop corn and snow cone sales at games, December raffle baskets for concert. In January we will start selling space on t-shirts again for the 2017 season.  Tax credit Drive is year round.

Asking about shirts and sweats, will be in by October 1st for first competition, will email and hand out form for ordering there is a hard deadline to order extra fee for one offs after order placed. We will also possibly sell hats and bumper stickers.

We will possibly have color run and carnival in the spring if we have someone willing to chair the project.

By continuing to fundraise maybe able to lower band camp fees next year.

There are hardship opportunities for those that cannot afford fees so that kids are able to participate. This is kept confidential when the need arises.

Extra money also helps fund instrument repairs, music rights fees etc.  Board is like bubble wrap, we are the support group for Mr. Simon and the band to help the success of the program.

Homecoming is Oct 7th, volunteers needed walking parade route popcorn etc. it is fun. We will play St Marys.

New idea to have alumni group pay fee to join, participate at parade and game they will get t-shirt annual fee would be $25.00 they can play in stands with the kids

funds would go to help fund hardships and scholarships etc

Directors report given by Shellie

Mr. Simon is at practice but he says he has the best parents, he feels very lucky and he says thank you!

Bev Abbott communicated about Parent Buddies:

Jerry 12th grade

Maria  10th grade

Angela  9th grade

Becky  Color Guard

Janet 11th grade

This is a way to connect everyone in band to ask for volunteering or get information out. This is a good way for parents to ask questions and have a point of contact.

Fundraiser opportunity at wet n wild 9/18  we need at least 10 kids

Treasurer report:

At the game the sales table earned — $352.00 popcorn sales/ $413.00 snow cones

We have had a lot of volunteers it is awesome and so appreciated!

John Chichester 4th year selling popcorn in stands talked to football about selling water in stands and splitting with football each group gets $1.00

Football relationship has grown and improved over time. All of this is about Showdown Mountain as a whole. We have support of Principal and the Athletic Director and we need to keep relationship growing.

Question about money football gets versus band.  Advised fundraising is not a competition. Football has thier own fund raisers just as we do. We do have an agreement with the Athletic Director that 20% of snow cone sales go to the Athletic department to help other areas. Last year, we purchased water jugs for tennis.

Band fees needs to be paid if not already done, parents can view account statements through charms to see what is owed.

Pearl Harbor: We have now raised enough money for whole band to go! 52 kids previously committed 11 did not. Mr. Simon will send email to the11  to see if they are interested in participating. They will need to provide $100.00 deposit as everyone else did any hardships need to talk to Simon as that would be his decision.

Next Meeting October 4th @ 7 pm


Booster meeting April 18, 2016


Call to order 6:39 PM

Shellie Cooper opens meeting:

  • Fundraising efforts

Need to saturate market with links for donations

People need to continue to do letter writing, Tax credit donations, direct donations.  Donations that have been directed to a specific student is split 80% students account 20% to booster account.  Tax credit donations do not role over from one year to the next at the end of the year any tax credit balance will go into booster account.  Some students have already raised enough money for Hawaii trip

Flower fundraiser for final band concert. Flyers passed out
Nationwide insurance sponsoring concert need to invite people and pass out flyers.

Have items for raffle baskets, wet and wild tickets, gift cards etc  Contact Vicki with donations

A handful of people hit the ground running, need to get more people involved

Simon played channel 10 video

Talked about July 15th dead line to not lose money on deposits, talked about doing survey to band parents to confirm buy in of tri

Suggestions for fund raising

Color run…. Need chair person  would need 100+ people to make happen

Sports store at mall willing to give 20% to band for purchases mentioning shadow mountain band ongoing fundraiser

Hallmark store will do a shopping day

Need to promote t-shirt sponsors drive

Lorana trying to get Hawaiian shirts donated

Link family Making business cards with links for donations

Need to get posters in businesses


  • Fundraising is for Hawaii trip and 2016-17 school year

There are funds already earmarked for Johnathan and Hattler, Johnathan paid small amount more like he is donating time,  Hattler is worth more. $2,000 for Hattler and $500 for Jonathan.

We have to pay for rights to music, 1 song can be $100.00-$500.00.

We need sabers and flags for show, props, scholarships for students etc.

If we do not go to Hawaii the money would still be used for band

The kids are worth all of our efforts, We all put in a lot of hours, Simon puts in tons of hours

Simon makes requests to band booster for things needed to support band, booster s do their best to raise money for items requested

Band kids have a second family in band

  • Treasurers report John Chichester

Went over income expenses

Suggest breakdown of earning just sense Hawaii announced

Money is earmarked for student donations, tax credit thru bookstore don’t have total yet John to verify with Lisa in book store,

John spoke to Az republic possibly get article done

Contacted superintendent for corporate sponsors, possibly play at golf tournament

Jant tang suggested millionaires giving away money need someone to take on Only need 375 people to do tax credit donation of $400.00 seem more manageable when broken down


.Carnival no dates till fall

Apex fun run person owns franchise anyathon  tennis  team earned $4000.00  they ake 30% we get 70%  units of 30-40

Check to see if can get diamond backs donation Gary will look into

Can kids beg for donations on street corners   Yes with supervision


Angela suggest buddy system for calling and following up on things and getting people involved.  Need a Spanish speaking volunteer




Those in attendance

Vicki Shupe,

Angela Nanney

Mayra Flores

Jennie McCann

Hal Archer

Becky Barndt

Tim Brandt

John Chichester

Lorana Christiansen

Denise Flick

Bev and Tim Abbott

Melissa Linke

Benjamin Linke

Maria Coll

Greg Shupe

Matt and Nancy Bonnell

Garry cooper

Shellie Cooper



December 14, 2015

Those present: Shellie & Garry Cooper, Victoria & Greg Shupe, Diane McDaniel, Linda Dixon, Tim & Bev Abbott, Angela Naney, Denise Flick, Nancy Bonnell, Kris Thayer, Lorana Christiansen, Jennie McCann, Jen Baker, Kerri Munsil, John Chichester.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Shellie Cooper at 7:05 p.m.

Secretary Report

The minutes from last month’s meeting are on the website.


The slate of next year’s board members was presented and voted upon.  It was motioned by Linda Dixon and seconded by John Chichester that the two candidates for Vice President, Bev Abbott and Jennie McCann, both get voted in as co-Vice Presidents.

Linda Dixon motioned that the entire slate be voted in, and Angela Naney seconded.  The ballot is as follows:

Co-Presidents: Shellie Cooper and Vicki Shupe

Co-Vice Presidents: Bev Abbott and Jennie McCann

Co-Treasurers: John Chichester and Kris Thayer

Secretary: Denise Flick

The slated was voted in unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

We made $600 (before expenses) at the Winter Concert.


Diamondback Game: Band Fees do not include the ticket price of the Diamondback game.  Denise mentioned that with the cost of the truck, the baseball game doesn’t raise much money. The boosters will decide, along with Mr. Simon, if we continue to have the Diamondback game as a fundraiser in 2017. Tickets would have to sell for $18.  John suggested that perhaps the band can play at other venues, such as a senior center.  Vicki mentioned volleyball and other sports as a possible band appearance.

Dine-Outs: 4 nights have been approved by Mr. Simon for Dine-Outs.  Jan 29, Feb 12, Mar 4, and Apr 8th.  The Feb 12th date will be at Chick-Fil-A, and the band will play like last time. Tim Abbott asked about a band thank-you to those places, and Shellie replied that it is being worked on, and maybe a plaque as well.

Tax Credits: Shellie said that we need money for flags next year and instrument repair.  The T-shirt and letter-writing campaign starts Jan 4 – last year we raised $2000.  We will be sharing the letter-wiring information with the incoming 8th graders so they can work towards getting band fees paid.

AZ Tax Credit: There is always confusion surrounding this, and John is hoping to clear it up for the future.  They are due April 15th for 2015, and th bookstore applies it to 2016 fees.  John, Kris, and Garry will talk to the bookstore and try and clafiry.  Be will get emails to parents of the kids at Shea, and Mr. Simon will add attachment to his Shea emails with the tax-credit forms.  The bookstore has stated that no band camp credits unless forms are received on and after 7/16/16.  John clarified that if the check specifies “band camp” then the bookstore will only apply the money to that.  If it says “band program” then Mr. Simon can designate the money where needed.

Fiesta Bowl

The schedule has been posted on the Booster website.  Several parents volunteered to walk the parade route with the band to help out with anything that comes up.

Director’s Report

Mr. Simon wants to thank everyone for the the help given so far this year!

Next Meeting

In January, the incoming and outgoing boards will meet to discuss the transition.  The next full booster meeting will be in February.  John asked that Mr. Simon attend the booster meetings so we can better understand how to support him and the band.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 p.m.


Shadow Mountain Band Booster Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2015

Those present: Shellie & Garry Cooper, Victoria & Greg Shupe, Diane McDaniel, Linda Dixon, Tim & Bev Abbott, Tim Barndt, Angela Naney, Denise Flick, Nancy Bonnell, Kris Thayer, Paul Christiansen, Maria Coll, Jennie McCann.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Shellie Cooper at 7:01 p.m.

Butter Braids

Julie from Butter Braids passed around samples for everyone to try.  For each Butter Braid sold, $5 goes to the band, split between the student’s personal account and the general fund.

Orders are due October 19th.  Students can place orders and checks into the gray box by Mr. Simon’s office.  Checks are made payable to SMHS Band Boosters.  Cash is accepted.

For each bonus pack sold the student is given a free caramel Butter Braid.

Secretary’s Report

The minutes from last month’s meeting are on the website.

Treasurer’s Report

The Wet n Wild fundraiser raised over $1500, which so far keeps us in the black, but we do have more expenses coming.

Senior Night

October 9th is Senior/Parent and Future Matador Night.  There will be pizza and t-shirts for the 7th-8th graders.

At that game, for donating $200, Music Together will be announced as the half-time sponsor.


For the Homecoming parade, helpers should meet at the school at 2:30 for set-up and to help kids with uniforms.  Parade is from 4:00-5:00.  Boosters will be selling popcorn along the parade route and at Spot 13 at the tailgate party, which is from 5:00-6:45.


Popcorn. John Chichester encouraged the board to raise the price of popcorn.  At ACU we sell it for $2/bag; even if we don’t sell as many we make the same amount of money.

Flag Costs. Color Guard made over the half the cost of their new flags by having a car wash.  Great job!

Uniforms. Concert uniforms are getting old and we will need new ones soon.

Equipment Truck. We are discussing with the school to get a better quality truck sent to us for competitions, since is comes out of Mr. Simon’s budget.

Raffles. Basket raffle items are needed for the 1st concert of the year in early December.  We do much better with actual items (tickets, gift cards, etc.) than with the 50-50 raffles. Ideas for raffle items include concerts, resort stays, artwork, gift cards, game/movie tickets….anything!  Don’t forget to ask businesses for donations – they have a budget for these types of requests.

Letter Writing. It’s not too late to get out more letters for the Letter-Writing Campaign.  It’s worth it for the parents to help because it reduces fees needed to be paid for next year.

Dine-Out Nights. Bev Abbott is heading these up.  If the band members can play it generates more income. Overall, it’s a great fundraiser.

Director’s Report

Mr. Simon wants to thank everyone for the the help given so far this year!


NAU. This competition is 10/10. Bring a jacket as it will get chilly.  A sack lunch will be given out at 10-10:15 before the bus departs. Volunteers for that can be at the school by 9:30. Pizza is being donated to the kids to eat at NAU after they perform.

Prescott. We learned at the Prescott competition that parents can reserve seats between the 30-50 yard lines for the band to sit in when they are watching other bands.

Props. Denise Flick reported that props went amazingly well at Prescott.  Mr. Simon will be adding the closer to the show, which means the props will have to be placed and parents off the field even more quickly.  Meet at the equipment truck before the performance to get that day’s game plan. It’s noted that the carts need bigger tires.

Agua Fria. Shellie will get out the information on the Agua Fria show as soon as we have it.

Mountain View. After the show, the Coopers are having a Halloween party for the kids and adults.  An email will go out shortly.


Ninety percent (90%) of the Booster Board are senior parents.  Elections are held in December for next year’s board. Please volunteer and help keep the kids going to State and accomplishing all the amazing things that they do!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Shadow Mountain Band Booster Meeting Minutes

August 31, 2015

Those present: Shellie & Garry Cooper, Victoria & Greg Shupe, Diane McDaniel, Linda Dixon, Tim & Bev Abbott, Janet Tang, Sandra Hamell, Tim Barndt, Angela Naney, Denise & Ken Flick, Kris Thayer, Lorana Christiansen, Jennifer Baker, Kerri Munsil, Maria Coll, Jennie McCann.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Shellie Cooper at 7:03 p.m.  Introductions were made around the table.  It was noted by Shellie that there are 56 kids in band, and if each parent gave an hour at any game, competition, or fundraiser, that would make it easy on everyone.

Director’s Report

Mr. Simon wants to thank everyone for the the help given so far this year!


Sales Table at Home & ACU Games.  Vicki Shupe made sure everyone was receiving the Sign-Up Genius emails.  A Sno-Cone machine has been donated, and the after-expenses breakdown of income is 40% to Football, 40% to Band, and 20% to the Athletic Dept.

For popcorn sales we only need one person present who has a food handler’s license to actually put the popcorn in a bag.  Any parent can sell it in the stands or at the table.

For the sales tables, popcorn, and sno-cones, we need 6-8 volunteers per home game.

At the ACU games, we can sell sno-cones & popcorn, and Football runs the concession stand.

For the 1st Home Game and the 1st ACU game, we’ve al ready made over $400.00.

ACU Game Schedule:

September 19: JV Game, 12-4:00 p.m.

September 26: JV Game, 12-4:00 p.m.

Varsity Game, 6-10:00 p.m.

October 17:JV Game, 1-5:00 p.m.

Varsity Game, 6-10:00 p.m.

October 31:JV Game, 11:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Varsity Game, 4-8:00 p.m.

Even an hour volunteering at any game is helpful!

B. Winter Attire.  Time to order sweats and extra shirts!  Band Booster shirts are the same blue as the show shirts this year.  Feel free to also order show shirts for yourselves and any family members who might want a booster/show shirt.  All band students have received order forms, and they are due September 15.  Orders after that time will be an extra $5.00 and are not guaranteed by the 1st competition.

C. Letter Writing.  The letter-writing campaign is a great way to fundraise without selling anything. This is the biggest fundraiser for a student’s personal account.  80% goes to that account, 20% to the General Band Fund.  Letters are sent to any business – think dentists, accountants, restaurants, cafes – any business you can imagine.  Their name and business card can be in our Concert brochures, and on next year’s show shirts ($200 or more donation to be on the shirts).

The Tax Credit can be used for band camp and band fees.  Any tax credit received in 2015 applies to 2015, however, you can write “Student’s Name, Band Camp 2016” and will apply towards that.  Any overages will go into the General Band Fund.  It is very important to have band camp paid for, as it was such a huge boost to all the kids to get to go away for camp this year.  Mr. Simon believes strongly in an away band camp, and fundraising is the way to make sure this happens.

D.  Butter Braids.  These are a popular fundraiser – they are delicious, easy to make, and are kept frozen until you need them.

Bev Abbott and Denise Flick volunteered to co-chair the Butter Braid fundraiser.

E. Dine-Outs.  These are a very fun way to raise money, and it doesn’t take long.  Last year at Chick-Fil-A the band played, and we made a good amount of money.

Bev Abbott and Kerri Munsil volunteered to co-chair Dine-Outs for this year.

F. Donations.  Know any businesses who can donate to the band?  We need water, lunch items, raffle prizes, etc.  Many businesses have a budget for this – ask if they would like to donate!

Color Guard is asking Mr. Appleman if they can sell donuts on Friday mornings before school.  If he says no to the sugar content, they will ask about muffins or bagels.

Treasurer’s Report

So far this year (starting in July 2015) we have seen $9834.50 come in as income, and $8891.00 go out.  So far that gives us a slim $943.50 in the black, but we have several upcoming expenses including equipment truck rental, which we need to hold props and miscellaneous items.  If every student could pay any money still owed, that would help tremendously.  Make checks payable to SMHS Band Boosters, and have your child put the check in the gray box in the band room.

Props/Pit Crew

Denise Flick reported that we need 10 people for pit crew.  The Superman Logo we will have on the field is very large, and will require people and teamwork.  This is Call to Arms!  We need the props for our competitions, and we need the parents to make it happen.  Come on out, enjoy the competitions, and help to get our kids to State!


We have 4 regular competitions this year, 3 on Saturdays and 1 on a Tuesday.  State and Super-State add 2 more, and we are feeling very good about the kids making it to Super State this year!  Dates for the competitions are:

Saturday, October 3: Prescott High School

Saturday, October 10: NAU in Flagstaff

Tuesday, October 20: Agua Fria High School in Avondale

Saturday, October 31: Mountain View High School in Mesa

Saturday, November 7: State Marching Festival location TBD

Saturday, November 14: State Championships in Glendale

Volunteer opportunities for competitions:

Props/Pit. We are timed for getting the props out onto the field, so the more people we have, the less chance of getting the band penalized.

Breakfast snacks.  We like to have a light breakfast for the kids before we get on the bus – this would involve about an hour to help dispense the snacks and to clean up afterwards.

Lunch. After the performance we need 2-3 parents to make sandwiches help with feeding the kids lunch.

As a general note, bring sun umbrellas, hats, stadium chairs, etc.  Even if we’re up north and the weather is in the 70s, it gets hot in the stands sitting in the direct sun.


A parent asked if we could send out a group text message when the kids are leaving an away game, so the parents have a general idea of when to pick them up.  Most kids text their parents themselves, but a group text would ensure parents are receiving helpful communication.

On away-game nights with a competition the next morning, it was noted that if parents can help unload the prop truck it would enable the kids to get home to bed sooner.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.