2016-2017 Meeting Minutes

Booster Meeting



Shellie calls to order:  7:07PM

Going over what we have done this year…

Most of people in the trenches are here, it’s been a very exciting, stressful, exciting year.  We had to accomplish an unbelievable thing. Marching band season on steroids.   This is nothing like normal. yes we fund raise and have competitions and fun but nothing as big as this. It was very intense this year.  Some of us had life altering situations and we still pulled together and accomplished a lot.  I am very humbled and thankful, we banned together and got these kids to a once in a lifetime event.  Maybe Disneyland in the future but it won’t be to this caliber of a trip.


Every pebble of sand matters, everything everyone does matters no matter how big or small if everyone does something it takes the stress off, thank you to all for what you did. A year we usually raise around $22,000.00 this year we raised $120000.00+

Pat your selves on the back!  More details later, band fees will be lower because of excess funds! I don’t think everyone knows how much we accomplished:

We paid directors fees 2000.00 for each Hatler and Jonathan, fixed instruments, built popcorn cart, purchased music rights in addition to paying for equipment trucks, competition fees, and hardships for students who would not have been able to participate in band.  Look at what we did this year!

We always pull together, form bonds but definitely went above and beyond this year

Thank you for your time and for being here for these kids.  Good job so far, we are not done yet, now we plan for next year!

Board has worked on 2017/18 budget

You will be pleased to see fees less next year.  Instead of applying to band camp costs we are applying to non tax credit items so parents don’t lose tax credit opportunity

Summer uniforms and shoes will not be charged next year.

Next item:  concerts/concessions passed to Vicki:

Sign up genius being sent out.   Need more raffle basket items, If you can donate, make or know anyone who will donate let Vicki know.

Concessions:   Will need volunteers…..  we will do flowers for fund raiser – Denise Flick heading that up.

We had a maiden voyage for concessions with District honor band and sold everything for a 1.00. This went well, we plan to do it at the other concerts.

March 11th all state 6th 7th 8th grade students are being hosted here at Shadow.   We have been given the opportunity to make money selling lunch for $6.00 pre-paid for about 300 kids sell lunch, flowers, concessions. Volunteers are needed all day. Bev Abbott and Vicki Shupe are heading up the lunch project.

Elaborate on state competition hosting.   Tentative schedule.  band room, gym, cafeteria, court yard, choir room etc multiple rooms used.  They practice then perform they will break for lunch.  We will know week prior what has to be bought for lunches.  Will have concession stand water candy etc.   Kids from all over state but we don’t have full info yet.

Working on order form as we speak, will be gotten out by Friday.

Order form should say additional concessions on sale so kids can bring money

Flower sales have opportunity to make money for band

If we advertise concerts get more people here more opportunity to make money on raffle, and flowers etc

We should have free concert  listed on marquee

Bev Abbott is heading up  dine outs  if anyone would like to shadow and take on please contact Bev

Aoli burger dine out on Tuesday has outdoor patio.

February will be Chick-Fil-A dine out

March Chipotle

April Dairy Queen

May possible Casino night

Also need to put together carwash anyone interested let us know.  We have hoses buckets, pop ups etc.

If anyone has food connections let us know

My pie dine out idea – possible Hire Jazz band to play instead of donations.  32 shea might do the same thing.  Need to review with Natan

If you come to us with something for fundraiser be prepared to run with it.  You would be responsible for flyers, setting up etc.  The board will support any way we can

No idea is a bad idea

Candle fundraiser Feb – March would be in time for Mother’s day. Lori Nelson will run the Candle fundraiser.   Possibly one in the fall  possibly August/September  Get information for fundraiser on e-blast  has to be approved should be able to be done  candles sell for 20.00  kids account get 8.00 does not go into main account.

Letter writing:

Keep in mind this can be tax credit otherwise can benefit kids personal band account letter writing 80% goes into kids account 20% goes into booster account personal band account stays with kids throughout school career unless it is tax credit money which then goes to the bookstore and can only be used for the student that year, any left over after that goes into the general band account as they do not roll over.   Personal band account money in the student booster account can be used to pay fees buy sweats etc. as directed by the parent of the student. Fees have to be paid before extras can be purchased, If excess in account when student graduates funds can go to sibling or friend otherwise goes to booster general band account.

Silver spur if rebuilt may be able to do fund raiser in fall after marching season

We will be working on T-shirt letter 2017-2018 for advertising

Any tax credit for 2016 can be done until April but would have to be used for 2017 by May


Winter Percussion updates

Able to get custom uniforms made

$1000.00 under budget

Have new floor, partially painted, fees are coming in, total of 25 kids

6 middle school kid’s great start

Will try to grow bigger next year

Have a connection with the academy giving us feedback via video.  Jonathan got this done for free great opportunity for feedback

Competition dates will be emailed they are on band calendar. Will get details as we get closer

Will need volunteers (6 people) for help at competitions

2 of rolling props will be raised 3 feet high

Flexible on class schedules and winter precision practice.   it is not all or nothing.   This is extra curricular

Coming in below budget so far.

Wearing marching bibbers with custom shirts all kids have been fitted will sell custom shirts at end of season

Seed money to start winter percussion

Shadow showcase date changed.  Need to get confirmation of percussion


First parent night at 7 on Feb 2nd so everyone can see what they have been working on it will try to get gym so can see from up high    call time 6:00 for kids

Email sent to students about summer drum core marching… brass and percussion Simon wants show of interest to get group discount.  Own transportation…   see some Shadow alumni   Shellie will make sure it gets out to parents.  DCI Academy put link on Face book page


Questions on winter guard: Allison wanted to build for fall wants to be paid to do this.  She has to provide proposal to board.   Wants parent input.  Allison will be taking over for Ashley next year.   Have to see if we have the funds.  Parents want to know we have the commitment to teaching next year.  She has different teaching style. Advised to take any concerns to Simon as the director.   Need commitment, needs results,   Simon supports, would require contract.   The question was asked what if she won’t commit who will teach.   Simon will contact academy to find connection for well qualified instructor.

Parents are questioning commitment of flag coach, they say she was not here a lot.  Again advised any concerns to Simon

Parents that have any concern should bring it to Simon’s attention

Our parent group is more involved than a lot of groups out there.  Some staff may not be used to this.

We have a phenomenal group of parents. We are forming committees for next season.   Need people to learn ropes from graduating parents.  Nick Langley will head props next year.  Ken and Denise Flick will be advisory for props.

Treasurers report:  Chris Thayer/John Chichester

Providing full picture on report highlighted 10 points.   Reports include all monies handles by boosters does not include book store money

Will be more expenses and income etc.

Question asked that Jonathan and Craig and Corbin are volunteering for winter percussion but Allison is asking to be paid.   Advised this has been discussed. No decisions have been made.

Balance sheet shows amount to athletic Dept. donated from snow cone sales. Athletic Director advised it does not go to football it supports other sports areas.  Depends on needs…

Any questions on financial reports please contact Kris Thayer.

  • 8 students with over due fees. Will make 1 more attempt to collect by Feb 15th..  If not paid will have Evidence of debt placed at bookstore.
  • Will not graduate until paid. If there is hardship need to contact Simon
  • This is first year we will do evidence of debt. if evidence of debt can not order sweats.
  • John: in that past most ever raised $22k  Pear harbor  $123k
  • Budget for next year cost is 46k tax credit money, book store etc. to run band program this a growing program and will continue to grow will always have to fund raise to support band.
  • Will be re writing letters for donations as no longer including pearl harbor…. want to get t-shirts going   can put in programs etc.
  • Hopefully will be division 2 band next year. With color guard and band it is a growing program
  • The more parental support the better kids do scores go up. We have added props etc to improve show.  The activities have grown friendships, energies and overall band.
  • Letter writing huge part of fund raising.
  • Need information for parents willing to apply for grants/ trying to get that information
  • No PTC report. Please go to meetings. Please join PTC they provide our 501 c3 very important part of our organization
  • Watch for news letters. Please get involved with PTC
  • Upcoming elections for board. John Chichester and Shellie Cooper for Co-President  Bev Abbott and Jennie Mccann for Co – VP, Garry Cooper and Kris Thayer  Co treasurer, Denise Flick  for Secretary.  If there is anyone else wanting to run for the board let us know. Anyone can volunteer for committees need chairman and support please volunteer.  Want to get everyone involved that we can
  • Need 3 volunteers for scholarship reviews Jennifer Mattox, Mary Ann Maher, Nancy Bonnell Students will provide forms to Simon.

Need to put together and band thank you card for sponsors, dine out sponsors etc

Proposed next meeting elections etc Monday Feb 27th 7:00PM

Parada Del Sol parade band marching   Feb 11th no call time yet will get information to ASAP  can also check Simons calendar

Band was Number 3 in High School marching bands at Fiesta Bowl


Meeting concluded 9:04PM