2014-15 Meeting Minutes

October Meeting Minutes from October 7, 2014

Shadow Mountain Band Booster Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2014


Those present: Shellie & Garry Cooper, Victoria Shupe, Kerie Bungener, Diane McDaniel, Linda Dixon, Ronda Jamieson, Tom Abbott, Denise Flick, Mark Tang, Matt Bonnell.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Shellie Cooper at 6:39 p.m.

Butter Braid Presentation

The Butter Braid fundraiser kicked off, with explanations of the program and a tasting of some of the current flavors.  Each Butter Braid sells for $12, with $5 going to the band. Half of the band amount goes into the personal band member’s account ($2.50 per item).  The fundraiser will end on October 21, with delivery on November 4 at the Band Booster meeting.

Secretary Report

A motion was made by Denise Flick, seconded by Keri Bungener, to approve the minutes from the September 2, 2014 meeting.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Linda Dixon presented the budget. It was also agreed that the extra popcorn purchased would be returned for a refund.  It was agreed to change the budget on the props from $750 to $950. A motion was made by Denise Flick to accept the budget, and seconded by Tim Abbott.  Motion carried.

Fundraising Report

The band has raised over $2500 in fundraising efforts thus far. Butter Braids have started, Letter-Writing is ongoing, and in November the Jog-a-thon will occur.   December fundraisers will include Pictures with Santa and the raffle at the December concert.

Senior Night: This year’s Senior Night will be at the last game, October 31st (Halloween).  The band has 4 seniors this year.  Linda Dixon & Denise Flick offered to head up the poster/banner decorating for the football stands.  The moms of band seniors will get flowers at the game.

In a discussion on what we are allowed to sell at events, Tim Abbott has taken the action item to attend the next PTC meeting and get a list of all organizations and their fundraisers.

Old Business

T-shirts and Sweats orders should be in by the week of the 13th!

New Business

November 6 is the next Parent Night.  Formal band portraits will be taken starting at 4:00 p.m.  With marching band season wrapping up by mid-November, next on the horizon is the Concert Band Winter Concert, Raffle, and Pictures with Santa.  Second semester will bring Concert and Jazz Band performances.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 4 at 6:30 pm.  Butter Braid orders can be picked up at that time.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 p.m.


September Meeting Minutes from 9/2/2014

Shadow Mountain Band Booster Meeting Minutes
September 2, 2014

Those present: Shellie & Garry Cooper, Victoria Shupe, Kerie Bungener, Diane McDaniel, Linda Dixon, Rendy & Scott Horner, Ronda Jamieson, Tom Abbott, Ken & Denise Flick, Michelle & John Chichester, Wendy & John Abbott, Kimberly Carlson.

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Shellie Cooper at 7:07 p.m.

Secretary Report
A motion was made by Rendy Horner, seconded by Scott Horner, to approve the minutes from the August 19, 2014 meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Garry Cooper & Linda Dixon presented the Income/Expense re-port, and Garry noted that there is $5,047.33 in the bank account. There was a question on the Raffle deficit, and it was explained that the prizes have been bought but not yet raffled. Rendy suggested that the budget was created last year and needs revising; Garry and Linda accepted the action item to redo the budget.

Fundraising Report
Letter-writing drive: Shellie discussed how it works. The goal is to raise $250/child, which would enable the band to go north for band camp next summer. There was much discussion on the various donation forms and where the money goes. Per the SMHS Bookstore, tax donations cannot go to a specific student account. This is in conflict with information from parents in sport booster clubs, and Garry and John Chichester agreed to talk to Mr. Appleman and get the correct information.

Sales table at home games: We are happy to have several par-ents volunteering for the popcorn/sales table! Kimberly Carlson is also selling snow-cones and she recently donated $300 to the band boosters out of her proceeds. Thank you, Kimberly!

Saturday ACU games: Arizona Christian University is using the field at SMHS for their games. We are allowed to sell popcorn, and last week generated $268.00 in popcorn sales, and $99.00 by snow-cones. There was a lengthy discussion on the sale price of the popcorn/peanut bags at ACU games. John Chichester called for a vote to sell both for $2.00 a bag, and it passed unanimously.

Up and coming fundraisers: Shellie showed examples of a tote, thermal picnic tote, and stadium blanket that will be raffled. We can sell raffle tickets at home games, ACU, and online.
Kerie has offered to talk to other booster groups and find out if they will let us sell popcorn at their games. She suggested we can donate 30% of proceeds to the participating organizations. Michelle Chichester suggested that the Signup Genius wording be amended to allow for partial shifts – parents may assume since they can’t help for the entire event, they might as well not show up.
Kerie also mentioned that $1100.00 was donated to our band from the Shea Middle School booster group. (Note this is being used for 7th & 8th grade future Matador shirts) Thank you, Kerie!

Director’s Report
Mr. Simon wasn’t at the meeting, but $1,900.00 needs to be budgeted/saved from the bookstore account to pay our instruc-tors. He asked the parents to make sure those fees have been paid.

Old Business
Denise & Ken Flick and Garry Cooper demonstrated how the props are coming along, and how they will work. Excellent job and kudos to the Flicks…they look great!

New Business
Our first home game is Friday, September 5th. For this and other games and competitions, Signup Genius is ready for you to volunteer.
Saturday, Sept 6th is a welcome back to band party at the Bungeners. Start time is 6:00, and everyone can bring a side dish to share. Parents are welcome as well!

Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 7th at 7:00 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Meeting 8/19/2014

Shellie and Gary Cooper
Kerrie Bungener
Vicki and Greg Shupe
Diane McDaniel
Kimberly Carlson
Tim Abbott
Wendy Abbott
John Abbott
Denise and Ken Flick

Shellie gave opening remarks
Vote for prop construction
7 pillars (4 sided)
$800.00 (covering PVC, plywood, wheels, grommets, zip ties, fabric, etc)
Denise Flick moved, Greg Shupe seconded. Motion carried. No
Submitted by Diane McDaniel, SMHS Band Booster secretary

Shadow Mountain Band Booster Meeting Minutes

Shadow Mountain Band Booster Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2014

Attendees: Natan Simon, Shellie & Garry, Linda Dixon, Victoria Shupe, Diane McDaniel, Tim Elliott, John & Michelle Chichester, Denise Flick.

Thanks for the volunteers at the Concert! The bands were phenomenal, and the up-and-coming 7th & 8th graders are really doing great!

We made over $300 at the Concert on Santa pictures, flowers, raffle, and ads.  Thank you!

Mr. Simon

Work on letter to parents with all the fees, explanation of fees, how it gets broken down and how it gets spend.  $517 – band fees for next year $466 – color guard fees; includes band camp. Fund raisers to pay for kids’ fees whose families can’t afford it.  Tax credits can cover part of the fees.  Percussion & color guard are paid position.  Mr. Hatler also helping for a fee.  Paying Mr. Hatler $1000.  500 from boosters, 500 from bookstore fees.


Denise motioned to move forward with the slated board. Vote: accept positions on slate. Ayes have it, board voted in.

Denise & Ken Flick to head committee for props.

Vicki & Keri to head fund-raising committee at events.

Competition committee.

Fund raising:

Letter-writing: – letter hasn’t changed except the drawing which will be at the end of the year. AZ tax credit change: you can specify the and general fund can go to general fund which we can use at our discretion. Doesn’t roll over for an individual student – it rolls into general fund if not all the money is used. Pay now or the first of the year, pay what’s due in August can use funds, but after school starts it goes to the general fund?  Not clear when it expires and how it can roll over – John will find out.

AZ Tax Credit: Can be specified to a specific student. New form sent out to parents with band student’s name.  No name sends it to band general fund.

Car dealership play at 12/21 – $300 to us (still in negotiations) . Can bring letters and look for advertisers.  Cool FM National Anthem potential $1000. Car washes in late Feb/March.

We need to track who gets paid what money to the bookstore – bookstore not tracking. The Band Boosters can take the money for tracking, and then deliver to the bookstore.


Support from Mr. Appleman and athletic director. Tim helping us with PTC – we can figure out what fundraisers we can do with the help of the PTA telling us what isn’t being done at school events. Combine orders from all the clubs at school (sports, drama, choir, band, etc) to get better deals on t-shirts.

Next year:

The idea is that Rehearsals will be Monday and Thursdays, so we can get the big football field almost every rehearsal.The football coach would rather have the field Tuesdays nights, so Mr. Simon made the change.  Now the admin, athletic director and football coach are all on board with the band. Every Monday night we have the field, and every Thursday that the JV team is away, we will also have the field.

Michelle – what about other athletics, such as track, which typically meet on Mondays?  Conflict with band students who are in both. Mr. Simon will talk to other coaches.

Michelle asked about the Concert Festival: does the excellent rating qualify the concert band for state?  Mr. Simon: Excellent in the Concert Festival does not qualify for state.

John: Could band parents be emailed monthly expenses/vs. income? Shellie: Treasurer’s report at booster mtg.  But more like this much from game, so much on concerts, here’s the expenditures, here’s a line-item summary. Linda: income/expense on a monthly basis instead of yearly?  John: run y-t-d but break it out monthly. Linda: yes, doable. John was wanting more of cash flow – beginning balance, income/expenses, final balance – done monthly. With summary line items. Details in communication will help people understand the financial picture, and why we fundraise.

Concert take?: $61 – flowers; over $300 from Santa pictures. Future: Shout-outs on stage during transitions?

Vicki: talk to football about shouting-out to players, cheer, and band and raise money – split 3 ways?  Shellie: talk to new football boosters about sharing the cost of water and we can split the money from sales. John: and get the deals in writing.

Natan: fewer Saturdays shows. John: sports have Saturday activities – can we work with other coaches (like cross-country) to pick Saturdays?  Natan: strategy is timing, will the band be ready, etc.  Shellie: we want to let Natan pick the best thing for the band. John: possibility of avoiding conflict by talking to coach; Natan agreed.


Baby Simon fundraiser from Jan until baby is born:  due date, weight, sex.

Any one who can sit in the room in the morning practice when Natan is gone for leave, that will help.

Next mtg:  Email, take January off, Shellie can email any fund-raiser information. If we need a vote, Shellie will call a mtg. John: a booster mtg once a quarter for the rest of the year, email the other months.  General agreement.


April 1, 2015

Those present: Natan Simon, Shellie & Garry Cooper, Victoria Shupe, Diane McDaniel, Linda Dixon, Tim Abbott, Denise Flick, Michelle & John Chichester, Nancy & Matt Bonnell.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Shellie Cooper at 7:10 p.m.

Secretary Report

Minutes from the meetings will be posted on the new website.


Rummage Sale: The rummage sale is Saturday, April 11, 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.  The students will receive money for donations and working the sale.  Shellie will find out if we can sell popcorn. Parents and students willing to work for a couple of hours would be highly appreciated!

Diamondback Tickets: Sales for the Diamondback game are due Friday, April 10.  We need to sell at least 100 tickets for the band to make money.

Popcorn Sales: We have enough popcorn to last through the next season, unless sales are higher than expected.  It was decided that selling popcorn at the baseball games is not worth the time/profit ratio.

T-Shirt Sponsor Drive: Our goal is 30 companies on the back of the shirt. There was discussion about having a banner at the games as well, which would be an extra perk for the companies who donate.  Also, the idea was floated around about “sponsoring” a half-time show.  A company or individual could spend, say, $100, and the announcer would say “This halftime show is sponsored by ____.”  Shellie will ask Football about this.

Orchestra Concert: The concert band is performing one song at the Orchestra concert on May 14.  Potential for a basket raffle?

Final Concert: The last concert of the school year is Monday, May 11.  There will be basket raffled, and Denise is doing flowers again for sale. Program ads will generate additional funds.  The 8th grade band and the Concert Band will perform together at the end of the concert.

SnoCone machine/Football: If we embark on a joint venture, it currently looks like 40% off money will go to band, 40% to football, and 20% to the Athletic Club.

Car Wash: Need a chairman to head it up.  Pre-sales of tickets would guarantee income whether the people showed up or not to get their cars washed. Perhaps we could have a contest between sections of the band to sell the most tickets?

Chick-Fil-A: At this fundraiser, we need to ask people for their receipts.  There will be games and the Chick-Fil-A cow.  We can ask people for donations, as well.  Perhaps the jazz band should play? Or several rotating ensembles?

Treasurer’s Report

Fundraiser money goes to band overall account.  Overall we are in the red by over $900, but not all fundraiser money is in, and not all band fees have been paid. Possible to do “shout-outs” at football games for money?

Director’s Report

Travel: In December there is an opportunity for band students to attend the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor celebration in Honolulu.  It will be a combined band from all the PV Schools.  4 nights/5 days for $2000.00.  Letter-writing campaign can help raise the money, as well as tax credit (?).  Also, maybe grants?  John Chichester will contact Virginal Piper foundation to ask about grants, and Denise will contact Channel 3 to get information out to the community.  Twenty kids from Shadow need to go in order for Mr. Simon to have his way paid.

Radio Contest: Mr. Simon is entering the Concert Band into a radio contest.  The band records the Star Spangled Banner, and each week a different band wins.  If chosen, we’ll get $1000 and the band will be played on the radio every weekday at noon for the week picked.

State Festivals: Concert Band State Festival is being held at Chandler Center for the Arts on April 28, and the Jazz Band State Festival is at South Mountain High School on May 1.

End of Year Banquet

Vickie Shupe has volunteered her home for the annual end-of-year band banquet, on Monday, 5/18, at 6:30 p.m.  There was some discussion about moving it to a weekend, but Mr. Simon prefers a weekday and several others did as well, so it was left on the original date.  Food will be brought by students:

Freshman – drinks

Sophomores – Sides

Juniors – Main

Seniors – Dessert

No peanuts in the ingredients, and some gluten-free items would be appreciated.  Garry & Greg to find a projector to be used for the slide show. If anyone has pictures to be included, email Vickie. Mr. Simon mentioned that the peer awards will include Band Student of the Year.  There are 2 scholarships available for seniors, each for $100.  A small committee will meet on April 17th at 7:00 p.m. to tally the votes.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 p.m.



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