FanAngel Fundraiser 2023

THIS FUNDRAISER IS NOW OVER – Come back to this page Fall 2024

Marching Matador Band!  

Fundraising is a big part of our program’s success. To help us, we are using FanAngel, an online fundraising platform, to minimize our efforts and maximize our ​results. This is the easiest and most successful fundraiser ever! No going door-to-door selling chocolates, cookie dough or wrapping paper! Just enter a minimum of 20 email addresses and FanAngel does the rest. The band receives 97% of each donation and we haven’t found another fundraiser with such high profit margins. Your major contribution is simply your contact list. Please donate yourselves and also dig deep, look into your address books and spread the word to your friends and families. The better this fundraiser does, means less out of your pocket for future student payments. 

The funds raised during this campaign will be used to help pay for things not covered by the school or district, such as buying props for marching season, paying for sheet music copyright, purchasing new equipment, obtaining instruments, supplying students with learning tools, and paying for meals and snacks.  

To make this successful, we need your help! It truly takes EVERYONE’S participation to make this work.  

Here’s what we need from you:  

  • STEP 1: Your student participant needs to use a phone or computer, use an email checked often. Use this link to get started:​  

  • Please note: if you already have a FanAngel account, you must use this link. It will automatically link this campaign to your profile. If you do not follow the link, you will not be able to connect this campaign to your profile.  

  • STEP 2: Add student participant’s name and a nice headshot (Adding a picture really helps to personalize your profile and is more inviting to your potential donors. Please do not skip this step.); click next.  

  • STEP 3: In the bottom right corner, click Add Supporter. Input 20 (or more) valid email addresses of your biggest supporters from around the country.  

    • The initial individual fundraising goal is $300.  

  • STEP 4: Now, please start sharing your fundraising profile on social media!  

Please do not share the above link – it is to only be used to create the fundraising profile. You will be emailed a link to share your fundraising page on social media or through personal messaging.  

Use the following suggestion list to help find quality supporters with both the desire and means to support our program. If you’re not sure if someone would be interested, we highly recommend to still add them! The more people you ask for support, the more successful our fundraiser will be!  

Donor Idea List  

  • Family Friends, Social Friends, Church Friends, and Co-Workers  

  • Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, Great Aunts/Uncles, Cousins  

  • Community business contacts: doctors, dentists, lawyers, small businesses  

  • Neighbors  

  • **We highly suggest not including Teachers and Student Peers.  


  1. Once the student participant has created their profile, please enter email addresses into the queue; the emails will be automatically sent at a later date once the campaign launches.  

  2. FanAngel uses the industry’s most secure privacy and protection standards. Email addresses are never shared or sold.  

  3. FanAngel’s automation system will send supporters up to three reminders after launch.  

  4. When donors visit the page, they will see the participant’s individual goal separate of the team goal. The individual and team goal will automatically increase up to 100% after the initial goal has been met. This staged goal has been shown to increase online fundraising results.  

  5. Based on new FCC laws, FanAngel no longer sends the campaign via text (it now only sends via email). If you have a FanAngel profile from a previous year, you may have phone numbers already listed under your Supporters, but you can no longer add phone numbers. Here is a 1-minute video which shows how to easily send text messages to potential donors (from your phone only) with the new click-to-send feature: You can still use this feature if you don’t have phone numbers listed. It just creates an editable message and a link and directs you to your text messaging service on your own phone. 

Important Dates:  

  • 9/29 – FanAngel Video Creation  

  • 10/2-10/8 –  Students create profiles and enter email addresses  

  • 10/9 – Campaign launches and FanAngel sends emails  

  • 10/30 Campaign ends  

Please contact Stacey Young at (602) 505-0016 if you have any questions.   

Thank you for your help with this fundraiser!