Student Fees



PVUSD District Mandated Student Fees

Some student fees are established by the district and are designated as class fees or activity fees.  These fees are paid directly to the school bookstore and are not connected to the Boosters.  The band boosters have no decision-making or input regarding these fees.

Since these fees are set by the district, if you have questions about the fees or if there is a concern regarding ability to pay, please contact Ms. Morgan or our SMHS Principal Mr. Appleman.

Fees can be paid online or in the bookstore from 7:15 am-2:30 pm, Monday-Friday.  Some fees may be tax credit eligible while others are not. If you have questions about whether a fee is or is not tax credit eligible, talk with someone in the bookstore.


Participation Fee $100 * – This is a district-wide fee, of which $72 helps pay for transportation and the remaining $28 goes toward registration fees for events. This fee is paid to the Bookstore and you may use the AZ Tax Credit to pay it if you wish. Our principal, Mr. Appleman, is the only person who can waive this fee, so contact him if you need to request that.

Class Fees: $15 per class per semester  – This is a district-wide fee for certain electives.  Band Students total would be $45 (Fall Concert Band + Fall Marching Band + Spring Concert Band) Color Guard Students total would be $15 (Fall “Band Auxiliary Corps”)

Note: Class Fees CANNOT be paid for with a tax credit donation

* Individuals and couples filing jointly may take advantage of this tax credit. A maximum of $200 can be deducted per individual tax return, or couples filing a joint return may deduct a maximum of $400. Speak with your tax advisor if you have specific questions.