BAND CAMP and Leadership Meeting Updates from Ms Morgan

Leadership Meeting

A quick little update for anyone interested in leadership:  We will meet at Shadow Mountain Friday 7/14 from 3-5pm. This is for students interested in any kind of leadership position in our band for the coming school year.

Band Camp

Band Camp will be starting on July 17th at 3pm in OUR band room! Try to be ready to go with instruments, equipment, and anything else at 3pm so we can use our time wisely. I will be at the school around 2:30pm to open the doors. Please also make sure to wear clothing that allows you to move! We will be working on our technique and different movement strategies to make us a fluid band. 

What You Need:
Water – you will be moving and marching, please stay hydrated!
Athletic shoes – if you can avoid vans or converse, please do!
Athletic clothing  – Breathable shirts, shorts, or leggings, but please make sure it is school appropriate.
SunScreen/hats – there is a chance we’ll go outside at some point during the camp, but I will let you all know the day before we do so you can prepare for that. We will be inside for most of Band Camp.

Band Camp will begin at Shadow Mountain on July 17th to July 21st from 3 – 9pm. We will make sure that you are out the door at 9pm so that your parents aren’t waiting and you can get some rest!
The 2nd week, we will be at Shadow Mountain again on July 24th to July 28th from 9 – 2pm. Our second week of camp is a little odd with scheduling around other activities going on with the school, so I will be sure to update you all on what those changes are. 

If you have any questions about band camp or anything else coming up in the future, please let me know! I also hope you are checking out the different drum corps shows going on this summer! See you all soon!

Theresa Morgan