Friday 9/19/16 Senior Night & Future Matador Night!

Friday 9/23 SENIOR NIGHT & FUTURE MATADOR NIGHT IN FULL UNIFORM! This is the night our Seniors are recognized as they are escorted on the field by their parents. Future matadors is where our 7th & 8th grade future band members who will come and play with the band and learn about being a Marching Matador. 
Mr. Simon’s schedule for the band is below:
SENIOR PARENTS! You need to be on the track South of the tunnel with your Senior to walk them on the field for Senior Night where the announcer will read their Bios you sent last week. There will be a photographer taking photos of you with your senior at the tunnel. Seniors return to the band room as soon as you exit the field to March out with the rest of the band. 
Fri, September 23, 4:00pm – 10:30pm
Section Leaders call time 4:00. Everyone else here for rehearsal at 5:00. 5:30 dinner and get into FULL UNIFORM! Seniors will be able to get pizza when it arrives since they need to be on the track with parents at 5:30. 6:30 March out to stadium. 6:40 Watch pre-game performance by Greenway High School Band 7:00 Game Begins approx. 8:30 Perform at half time with Future Matadors “Fight Song” and (2nd song to be announced)