Saturday October 15th Double Competition for the Marching Matadors!

ASU Band Day & Corona del Sol Invitational





EAT a hearty breakfast BEFORE call time!

9:00am CALL TIME, attendance, change into half uniform

9:30 On the busses

10:15 arrive at ASU, unload, line-up

10:55 head to visual warm-up area

11:00 visual warm-up

11:25 head to music warm-up “Area B”

11:30 music warm-up “Area B”  

11:55 head to the gate

12:00 gate time

12:15 SHOW TIME #1

12:30 back to the busses, change out (uniforms off and draped over bus seats), load trucks

1:15 equipment trucks head to Corona del Sol HS

1:15 LUNCH, shade, and hydrate!  Lunch provided by our Band Boosters

2:40 Busses leave ASU for Corona del Sol

3:00 arrive at Corona del Sol, unload, half uniform on

3:45 head to visual warm-up

3:50 visual warm-up

4:25 head to music warm-up “Area B”

4:30 music warm-up “Area B”

4:45 head to gate

5:00 gate time

5:15 SHOW TIME #2

5:30 back to busses, volunteers load equipment, students get directly on the busses, change out of uniforms while seated on the ride back to ASU

5:40 busses leave for ASU

6:05 busses drop students off as close to entrance as possible and go park

6:15 Sun Devil Marching Band performance!

6:30 ASU Awards Ceremony

7:00 Busses leave for Corona del Sol

7:20 arrive back at Corona del Sol, eat dinner on your own at concessions

8:30 Corona del Sol Awards Ceremony

8:45 back on the busses

9:30 arrive at Shadow Mountain, unload, attendance, dismissal



      -cash for dinner OR a sack dinner  

      -Band Shoes, Gloves, LONG BLACK SOCKS!

      -Band shirt